After 3 seasons, how do you feel about Nick Saban?

I know - "say what?" I assume "I'm thrilled!" will be the common answer amongst "just us girls", i.e. the Bama Nation. We all know how the program has consistently gotten better under Saban's tutelage.

What I really mean is how do you feel about Saban personally? Do you think he is a person of character? Is he a good ambassador for the state's flagship football program?

My answer is that I am thrilled from both a performance AND a character point of view.

You may not know me very well here, but I am an avid Bama football fan, from Mobile originally, although I have lived in Houston, TX for most of the last 20 years. But I have been to many a game in Tuscaloosa, including several when I was a kid in the 60's and a teenager in the 70's - the Bryant heyday.

Although I am new here, I have spent several years on a certain national (all) sports board and am one of the regulars there talking about Bama football. Since it is for all sports, all teams, invariably whenever an article about Saban is written, the LSU naysayers come out in droves, as well as the very PO'ed Miami Dolphin fans. The common theme is that "Saban is a liar". I've also had LSU fans tell me that high school coaches in teh state of Louisiana hated Saban - they claimed that he signed players that he knew full well would not be eligible, which made him a villain of sorts in the high school coaching community there.

I was repeatedly told "just give it time - you'll see what we mean. Within 3-5 years you will regret that UA ever hired Saban." Well, as I recently reminded them, it has been three years and I have nothing but good things to say about what he has done for the program AND how he has conducted himself.

What say you? Amongst you fellow Bama fans out there, do any of you wish you could change anything about Saban?

We all know he isn't the most approachable guy in the world - a bit on the intense side - but I'd bet Bear Bryant was similar. And I read where McElroy recently said that Coach Saban's rough exterior belies a person who is immensely interested in the well-being of his players. Add to that the charity work he and his wife particpate in under the radar and I can't see how anyone would suggest that teh Saban's exhibit anything but class.

But hey, I'm over here in Texas, so I'm not privvy to the same information some of you may be, as you read tha daily papers, listen to Finebaum, etc. What do you hear and read?

Just curious to know how you feel.

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