2010 Bama Predictions

I see one loss in these three games: @Ark, FL, @LSU Not sure which one. FL is the toughest, Ark is improving and early in the schedule, LSU wants Bama in the worst way now.

One other game is a loss JUST due to a down week and Bama having the big #1 bullseye on their uniforms. Maybe Penn St or So Car.

10-2, but a win in the SECCG if they get there. The defense will have gelled by then.

Of course, they have the potential to make it three undefeated regular seasons in a row. The offense will be great, of course. The defense, well, who knows? Yeah, the word is that they will be great again, but I don't care what kind of athletes there are on the team, when you replace 9 starters it will take a while for them to learn their positions.

I see 1 or 2 losses. I'd love for it to be a 14-0 year again and a repeat NC, but with all of that reloading on defense, I have my doubts.

Your predictions? (other than "PAIN" :))

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