Size Matters: A Weight Comparison of Defensive Front Sevens


The SB Nation site covering Florida State, Tomahawk Nation, has a pair of posts looking at the importance of size in a team's defensive front seven. Their conclusion is that a big front-7 is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a successful defense, as we used to say back in my logic classes. Yesterday they looked at the biggest defensive fronts from last season and found that a whopping 90% of the best 20 defenses were over 1780 lbs in the front 7 (and 100% of the 10 best). And do you care to guess which squad came in at the top? Today they are looking at why a big defense matters by breaking down matchups between various teams in the SEC and ACC. There's a heaping helping of good info but one tidbit to note is that Alabama is going into 2010 a good 17 pounds lighter than last season, falling under the 1,900-lb mark for the first time in three seasons. We miss you already, Cody.