Chris Henry Had CTE Before Death, And Why That Matters So Much


This has nothing to do with Alabama. It's not about one of our players. It's not about our program. But, it will be the most important thing that you read about football this summer. Take a moment and understand why Chris Henry's death should be (is?) a potential harbinger for changes to the game of football. To quote Mr. Jacobi: There's an old phrase about Bernese Mountain Dogs: "3 years a young dog, 3 years a good dog, 3 years an old dog; the rest is a gift from God." This news about Chris Henry might mean career football players are something close to the same: "20 years a young man, 20 years an athletic man, 20 years an old man; the rest is a gift from God." As an avowed and diehard football fan, I hope so much that, in the face of the evidence unfolding in front of us every day, it's not true.