Football Outsiders Ranks The Top 100 College Football Teams of the Last 100 Years


The stat-lovin geeks over at Football Outsiders have come up with a list of the 100 Most Dominant football programs in the last century. But this ain't one of those usual lists based on the writer's preference, they are using one of their high-falutin' statistical measurements I can barely wrap my head around much less explain. But basically it means they are using MATHS! So it has to be true. Right? Which is all well and good but where the hell is Alabama, you ask? Turns out the first installment of this series is covering No. 100 through 81 and no less than three Crimson Tide teams are in evidence: Frank Thomas' 1945 (No. 97) and 1936 (No. 88) squads and as well as the 1992 National Championship team (No. 83). The next twenty teams will be announced next Tuesday.