What is your favorite memory of an incident in the stands at a Bama game?

Jan 2, 1978, Alabama vs Ohio St, Sugar Bowl.

Somehow my father manages to get primo tickets on the 40 yard line at the bottom of the first balcony of the SuperDome. Perfect view. I was 18. It wasn't my first Tide game, but it was the biggest I had ever been to at that time.

The section we were sitting in was almost entirely Crimson Red (most of the stadium really.) There were many, many Bama fans with those "Woody is a pecker" buttons on their shirts. :>

The game starts and we notice an OSU fan amongst us, cheering loudly for his team, but not obnoxiously, just showing good team spirit while totally surrounded by "the enemy". As the game moves along, Bama is quickly getting the better of the Buckeyes and this Buckeye fan is still cheering but with a little less enthusiasm.

I can't recall the score at halftime, but Bama already had a significant lead, on their way to the 35-6 blow out it became. The bands do their things, including the Ohio St band spelling their signature Ohio, and this guy is still hanging in there, jawing around good naturedly with some nearby Tide fans saying the Bucks were gonna come out tough in the 2nd half.

Well, the 2nd half starts and very quickly Bama scores again. I look up and see this OSU fan walking down to the edge of the balcony overlooking the seats below. He stands there for a second and then takes his red OSU cowboy hat off and FLINGS it out past the balcony and into the seats below, turns around and, facing the Tide crowd, yells "ROLL TIDE!!" at the top of his lungs.

A bunch of Tide fans jumped up and shook his hand, hugged him and gave him some red and white pom poms and started yelling "Roll Tide" together. Every time the Tide did something in the second half (which was often), he was right there yelling RTR with all of his adopted Tide fan buddies.

I'm sure that guy is back to being a regular Buckeye fan now, but for that day and that half, he was one of us.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! :)

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