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POLL: What Team Would Be Best For An Expanded SEC?

When you have nothing to talk about for eight months you'll talk about anything. And the topic du jour this off season has been conference expansion. The Big Ten started the chatter in February and the Pac 10 added their voice to the din soon after. The rumors have been coming at a steady pace ever since. To follow the pundits, the fates of the Big XII and Big East seem to hang in the balance every time Jim Delaney gets indigestion.

The SEC hasn't been immune from this brouhaha and the conference pow wow in Destin this week has only added fuel to a smoldering fire of interest.

The SB Nation Blogs covering the various teams have been posting on the issue with regularity and while lot of it has been just updates on the various rumors but a few have stood out; Team Speed Kills superb breakdown on how an expanded SEC might work. Dawg Sports made a compelling argument for the SEC to pursue Texas and and our own OTS offered an incisive look at the forces pushing the conference to join the expansion bandwagon.

And if you haven't read Dr. Saturday's excellent analysis of college football's trend toward the creation of the "superconference" you should do so immediately. He suggests that that, as disrupting as all this talk seems to be, it's actually part of a larger historical trend.

But all of this has been opinion and conjecture. Nobody has any real idea of if and when any of the conferences may or may not decide to start adding to their rolls. Which sounds like a perfect excuse for a poll! We leave it to you, dear reader, to tell us what team you'd most like to see join the ranks of the SEC? And please feel free to explain your choice in the comments.