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POLL: Who Will Be the Best SEC QB in 2010?

With the ascension of the SEC's golden child to the promised land of the pros, the SEC is left with naught but the baser clay to man their offenses in 2010. Draft scouts aren't exactly slobbering over the prospects of anyone whose last name doesn't start with an "M" and ends with "allett." And even then it might just be because he's built like Lurch from the Addams Family and has been weaned for the role by former sorta-pro coach Petrino.

But still, somebody has to be the breakout field general this year? If not, who will Gary Danielson fawn over during those long dark second half blowouts when he used to whisper the name of his loved one over and over for the benefit of the viewers at home? Sure he'll give kudos to Julio Jones or A.J. Green now and then but it's just not the same.

So we ask you, dear readers, who will it be. Which quarterback is going to come crashing out of the woodwork and set the SEC on fire this year?