Which was better, the '92 D or the '09 D?

How do they stack up? Both were best in the country, after adjusting for opponents. Both carried their teams to perfect regular seasons, victories over Florida in the SECCG, and blowouts over top teams in the bowls. Both sent multiple players to the NFL. Both, interestingly, ran a 3-4. So, which is better?

DL - Mt. Cody vs. Copeland/Curry bookends.

What's your preference? An immovable gap stuffer, or the best duo of DEs in Alabama football history? Copeland and Curry could play both the run (Cope was better at this) or the pass (Curry). I'm going to give the edge to the C brothers.

LB - Hall, Oden, London, and Rogers vs. McClain, Anders, Reamer and Upshaw. These two units might average out the same, but when in doubt, go with the group with the best player. Winner is the '09 team.

DB - Teague and Langham, Langham and Teague. Will there ever be a better tandem roaming the defensive backfield wearing Crimson? I vote no. Arenas was a great player, Jackson and even Johnson had a lot of ability, but come on.

Since Bear Bryant's days, these two defenses have clearly been the best Alabama has seen. It's no shame to come in second for either one. But at the end of the day, I can't go agaist the great '92 defense.

UPDATE: Just thought of another factor: DC!!! Well, in '92 we had the pre-traitor Brother Oliver. Now we have Kirby Smart. Ignore the baggage, which one was/is a better DC?

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