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POLL: Which Alabama Away Game Do You Want To Attend?

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Duke University's Wallace Wade Stadium.
Photo: Duke University's Wallace Wade Stadium.

Last week we asked which game in Bryant-Denny Stadium you most wanted to check out in 2010. This week we're going to address the rest of the schedule. Alabama fans are known to travel a pretty good distance to watch their beloved football team and this seasons offers a couple of interesting options on the "away" side of the slate.

Because in addition to the usual highly-anticipated visits to our SEC West foes, there's an interesting matchup with the Duke in Durham, N.C. early in the season. The Blue Devils play in historic Wallace Wade Stadium named after the legendary coach who led the Crimson Tide to its first three National Championships.

So if you could find a way to finagle a trip to one of the hostile territories to see Alabama play during the regular season*, which would it be? Coach Saban's return to Death Valley? The Third Saturday in October? Or perhaps that anticipated early-season contest in Fayetteville with the Tide secondary versus Petrino/Mallett offense?

* Caveat added to anticipate the wiseacres who are going to say the SECCG in Atlanta, Ga. or BCSNCG in Glendale, AZ. Because even if Alabama makes it to these contests, we have no idea if it will be as the designated "home" or "away" team.