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SEC Media Days: Nick Saban Presser Open Thread

You can watch live on ESPN. We'll update here on what he says. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

A rough overview of the some of the things he is saying:

  • Last year is over, it's history. It's not about repeating, it's a totally new year.
  • Lots of challenges on this team with attrition, especially in the secondary.
  • We've had a good summer, players have worked very hard.
  • Fall camp will be the most important he's had since arriving in Tuscaloosa; lots of challenges and issues will be addressed then.
  • Regarding Dareus, both UA and NCAA are looking into it and neither will comment on it. No evidence yet that he did anything wrong or did not do anything wrong.
  • If agent does anything costing any player eligibility, his license should be stripped for a year. "It's ridiculous."
  • If NFL doesn't do something about agents, "hospitality" at UA will change relative to the NFL.
  • The same agent at the center of the Andre Smith fiasco went after UA players again last year.
  • Saban with undoubtedly the quote of Media Days, regarding rogue agents, "How are they any better than a pimp?"