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SEC Media Days: Day Two Open Thread

Saban went on Day One, so I know interest will dip for the rest of the week, but I figured some of y'all are paying attention, so here it is.  Chime in here with your thoughts. I'll also be be tweeting it from the RBR Twitter page.

All I'm thinking right now is, "I'm got up this early to watch Bobby Petrino talk?"

Todays schedule:

Arkansas: Bobby Petrino / DE Jake Bequett / QB Ryan Mallette / TE D.J. Williams

Georgia: Mark Richt / P Drew Butler / FB Shaun Chapas / WR A.J. Green

Vanderbilt: Robbie Caldwell / LB Chris Marve / RB Warren Norman / LB John Stokes

South Carolina: Steve Spurrier / FB Patrick DiMarco / DE Cliff Matthews / LB Shaq Wilson