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Multiple Weekends Confirmed

Late last night we pieced enough information together here at RBR to figure out there were likely multiple weekends in which something was going on in South Beach with Marvin Austin and company, including the weekend of May 15th. Indeed that is the case,and Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal has the full details

Sources told SportsBusiness Journal there were multiple trips to South Florida by college players, including a May 15 trip in which multiple college football players attended Gore's pool party during the day and a party later that Saturday night at South Beach nightclub Cameo. Gore in a telephone interview said that he had the party at his house and partied later that night at the club, adding that he did not see whether those players were there but could not say for certain that they were not.

"I don't even know those guys. There were a lot of people there; it was crazy," Gore said. He added that no agent or financial adviser, or other person involved in the athlete representation business paid for his party. "I paid for my own party," Gore said.

So, Gore's home by day and club Cameo by night. Gore pretty vehemently denies any wrongdoing at his party, but he admittedly concedes that a lot of people were in attendance, so it's a distinct possibility that he really didn't know who all was there. Nevertheless, he was equally adamant about paying for his own party, so it's unlikely it was an agent-sponsored event. Furthermore, his agent is Drew Rosenhaus, and while he's a pretty unlikable guy, he also has more than enough clout in the sports agency world that he has no need to resort to such underhanded tactics to get clients.

More likely, the potential trouble came later that night at Cameo. Notice that Gore claims no responsibility for that one way or the other -- it's actually not even said if he attended -- so that was likely another beast entirely. It was most likely there and then that the agent-hosted party took place.

The potential good news here is that this latest report could at least someone validate Dareus' claims. Keep in mind that Dareus has apparently contended all along that he merely went to South Beach to relax and hang out with some friends, but then unknowingly attended a party with agents present. By initially just hanging out with Austin and company at a friend's home with no confirmed agent sightings, perhaps that does prove his intent a bit. Perhaps I'm grasping for straws here, but if nothing else, there is not anything in this latest report that would refute his claims.

Either way, this does confirm the rough time line that we sketched out late last night. Dareus flew down to Miami sometime shortly before May 15th, attended the party in question, and then left sometime around May 18th after hearing word that his mother had passed away.