SEC away games

Just curious..... (this is a bit of a take-off on Nico's Sanford stadium "black out" thread)

How many stadiums of opposing SEC teams have you seen the Tide play?

For me: Awbern, Baton Rouge, Knoxville (honorable mention for watching an Ole Miss game in Jackson)

I'd like to see one at "The Swamp".

You? # of SEC stadiums, and what did you think about the "stadium atmosphere" of each.

My quick impressions:

AU - a dreadful bore, no character, nothing I can think of that makes it stand out. (I cheated on this one - it was actually a AU-GA game, and I was only there because I dated an AU grad student breifly - and this was an interesting period because it was during that era when the AU fans tore up part of the hedges in Athens, so some serious animosity)

LSU - I hate it, but you gotta admit, those Cajuns know how to party (and REALLY hate it when they lose to Bama :))

TN - Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that hillbilly "Rocky Top" song? Fortunately I was there in '92, so Rocky Top was notably absent. <grin> What you heard mostly was "you SUCK, Majors!!" It was glorious. As much as I hate to admit it, one of the nicer settings for a fall football game in the SEC.

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