Les Miles on the BP Oil Spill

Okay, he's only a football coach, but dadgum Les, can you sound at least a LITTLE intelligent? (from a friend of mine on another site)

"Well, it uh, the impact is more of a ... you know ... anything, anything along the ... the uh ... the ... shore and those issues are very serious issues and there ... the impact is on the ... the uh (long pause) you know, what is, the natural resource of our country, uh, but ah ... I don't know that it's, I don't know exactly, uh, to what extent it's being handled well and managed or mismanaged I have no idea.

"The only thing I know is it's very sincere and it's, it's uh, it affects more than Louisiana and it affects (muffled pause) ... the ocean."

Man I'm glad we have a coach who can articulate! (not to mention a coach who knows how to do clock management!)

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