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POLL: Which Out-of-Conference SEC Game Do You Most Want to See?

Folks around these parts have made their feelings pretty well known, the SEC OOC game that has their full and complete attention is when Joe Pa and his Nittany Lions head to Bryant-Denny Stadium on Sept. 11. Yet, the Alabama/Penn State game is one of several good matchups this season matching SEC teams with rivals from outside the conference.

As you are already aware, after two years of having the Crimson Tide represent the SEC in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game LSU takes the honors this year and will face off against the University of North Carolina Ramses. Following that you have the Oregon Ducks are headed to Knoxville while the Colorado Buffalo are en route to Athens.

Now, since we want to make an effort to be representative of the whole conference we're going to throw in the best non-conference matchup for each team in the SEC. And, who knows, maybe there's some long-forgotten enmity between Ole Miss and Fresno State that will be revealed and that will turn into the must-see barnburner of the 2010 football season.

So outside of the cupcakes and regular rivalry games (Florida v Florida St. and Georgia v Georgia Tech) which SEC team's matchup with an out of conference opponent are you most interested in seeing this year. And please feel free to give your reasoning in the comments.

Editor note: Yeah, I screwed up and left the Tenn/Oregon game off by accident. It's there now, albeit seven hours late.