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Rewriting the Alabama Record Book

These four guys re-wrote the Alabama record book last year.
These four guys re-wrote the Alabama record book last year.

So yesterday I got my copy of the 2010 Alabama Football Media Guide and spent the better part of the day digging through its treasure trove of information. Of particular interest to me for our coverage of the upcoming season was the update to the Alabama Record Book. There's a version of the record book online but it's only current through 2008 and it was pretty obvious watching the Crimson Tide roll through last season there was going to be some serious changes to be made.

And, boy howdy, were there ever. Turns out Mark Ingram, Greg McElroy, Javier Arenas and Leigh Tiffin pretty much re-wrote the damn thing. And a number of folks like P.J. Fitzgerald and Mark Barron set totals that aren't likely to be surpassed in the near future. So, just to keep you all informed, here are the Alabama school records set during the 2009 season as per the new media guide.

Mark Ingram

Record Place Statistic
Rush yards (season) 1st 1,658 yds
All Purpose Yds (season) 2nd 1,992 yds (1,658 rush, 334 rec)
Av. Gain/Rush (season, min 200 att) 2nd 6.12 (1,658 yd/217 carr)
Av. Gain/Rush (career, min 400 att) 2nd 5.8 (2,386 yd/414 carr)
TDs (season) 2nd 20 (17 rush, 3 rec)
Rush TDs (season) 2nd 17
Rush yards (game) 3rd 246 (vs S.Carolina)
Av. Gain/Rush (game, min 20 att) 3th 10.25 (246 y / 24 carr, vs S. Carolina)
TDs (career) 4th 32 (29 rush, 3 rec)
All Purpose Yds/Game (season) 5th 142.3 (1,992 yd in 14 gm)


Greg McElroy

Record Place Statistic
QB Win % 1st 1.000 (14-0-0)
Consecutive  Completions 1st 14 (Sept. 12, 2009)
Completion Pct (game, min 10 cpls) 1st 86.7% (13 of 15, v N. Tx)
Completion Pct (career, min 200 cpls) 1st 62.0% (214 of 345)
Lowest Int Pct (season, min 100 att) 1st 1.2% (4 of 325)
Lowest Int Pct (career, min 200 att) 1st 1.4% (5 of 345)
TD passes (season) 2nd 17
Pass yds (season) 3rd 2,508 (198 of 325)
Passes w/out Int 3rd 141
Compl Pct (season, min 100 cpls) 4th 60.9% (198 of 325)
TD passes (game) 4th (tie) 3 (vs Arkansas)
Completions (season) 5th 198 (325 att, 2,508 y)
Passing Atts (season) 6th 325 (198 com, 2,508 y)


Javier Arenas

Record Place Statistic
Punt Returns (career) 1st 125
Punt Return Yds (career) 1st 1,752 yds
Yd/Punt Rtn (career) 1st 14.02
Kickoff Returns (career) 1st 90
Kickoff Return Yds (career) 1st 2,166 yds
Punt Return Yds (season) 2nd 493 yds (41 returns)
KO Return Avg (career) 6th 24.1


Leigh Tiffin

Record Place Statistic
Field Goals Made (season) 1st 30 (35 att)
Field Goals Made (career) 1st 83 (111 att)
Kicking Points (season) 1st 132 (83 FG, 42 PATS)
Kicking Points (career) 1st 385 (83FG, 136 PATS)
Point-After TD (career) 1st 136 (142 att)
Field Goals Made (game) 2nd 5 (vs Miss)
Kicking Points (game) 2nd 16 (5 FG, 1 PAT, vs Miss)

The rest of the records are after the jump...

The Rest of the Records

Record Place Statistic Holder
Passes Broken Up (game) 1st 6 (vs S. Carolina) Marquis Johnson 
Punts (career) 1st 238 (9,485 yd, 39.9 yd avg) P.J. Fitzgerald
Punting Yards (career) 1st 9,485 yds (238 punts) P.J. Fitzgerald
Blocked Kicks (game) 1st (tied) 2 (vs Tenn) Terrence Cody 
Career Games Played 1st (tied) 54 P.J. Fitzgerald
Mike Johnson
Ali Sharrief
Career Games Played 2nd 52 Javier Arenas
Passes Broken Up (season) 3rd 17 Marquis Johnson
Most Interceptions (season) 3rd (tie) 7 Mark Barron
Yards/Catch (season, min 50 catch) 3rd 15.9 (58 for 924) Julio Jones
Yards/Catch (career, min 100 catch) 4th 15.0 (101 for 1,520) Julio Jones
Receptions (season) 4th 58 (924 yd) Julio Jones
Yards Rec (season) 4th 924 (58 catches) Julio Jones
INT Return Yds (season) 6th 125 yds Mark Barron