Most Obnoxious School's Cheer

I believe our Rammer Jammer may be the most hated cheer in the country, if you sit back and think about it, it is probably the most obnoxious cheer there is. BUT I LOVE IT. If I'm on the other side it has to sting, I hope the University always lets our band continue to play it. It always makes my hair stand on end when I sing or listen to it after a game.

I can't think of another cheer that emphasizes what just happened in a game or frankly rubs it in the opponents face as much as our cheer.

When I was at school at UA from '78-'82 we use to sing Rocky Top at Lee's Tomb when 3 on a String played it, but Peyton Manning leading their band after kicking our ass at Legion Field is the closest thing I can think of that compares to Rammer Jammer.

Are there any other school's cheers that compare?

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