What do you think? Fingers or no fingers?

Let's say (and hopefully true), that Bama wins the next 4 times against the Aubies. Do you think Saban should hold up 6 fingers in celebration?

See, I don't think he should. I can still remember TT holding up those fingers in Tuscaloosa and it made me mad. That's something fans should do, but not coaches. Plus, he was in Tuscaloosa, not home. I could have understood it and given him a LITTLE slack if it was at home with their own fans, even though I wouldn't, in his shoes, have held up the fingers. If nothing else, it gives the other team bulletin board material.

But I think the biggest reason is that I don't want Bama to act like beating Auburn 6 years in a row is a big deal.

Anyway - your thoughts?

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