year point spread

I am new to this place so no need to reply or follow. I will tell you the scores of certain games. Last year I was off for the season by 3 points total for those games. The games of importance had a total spread on my scoring system of 6 points. Unfortunately, this year I predict that this score will be around 18 points between winning and losing for those important games across the season. Again, no respect earned and no background so I do not care if you follow. I may be way off base but I think the difference between Alabama winning it all will come down to 18 points across 5 games. The key to my game is figuring out which 18 points and which opponents. That is what I focus on. Otherwise, have a nice year debating and thinking about how great we will be. We will be great, it is just a little less likely. I am 100% Alabama so dont hate. I amaze people every year. Peace!

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