Alabama vs Arkansas '10

This probably belongs in the earlier Bama prediction discussion, but I felt it deserved it's own thread.

I just watched the college football segment on ESPN2 and they were discussing potential Heisman candidates. Of course Ingram is an automatic. But then they discussed Ryan Mallett with Arkansas.

Andre Ware was in Mallett's corner, contending that, while last year there were a lot of mistakes by Mallett, he thinks this year, with a year of experience behind him as a starter, and 4 returning starters on the OL, that Mallett will be much better.

Then they pulled up some stats and showed where Mallett had very poor passing percentages against top defenses, the lowest against Alabama, around 34%.

So they were mixed in their opinions. But it made me think a little harder about Bama's prospects of going TO Fayettville and facing what will probably be an improved Razorback team and an experienced QB on the road. I know it is easy to say "hey, Bama stomped the Hogs last year 35-7, so why worry?", but Bama will still be on the learning curve with their rebuilt defense (even if they are deep and talented), and Arky will certainly have the revenge factor going for them at home.

I'm not saying Bama will lose, I'm just saying it has the markings of a game that Bama could stumble in, if they don't play well and give the home team some early breaks. And most of us seemed to agree that it is far more likely that Bama will lose early in the season than late in teh season.

What do you guys think? Does Bama run away with again, or is this gonna be close and has teh possibility of being a Bama slip-up?

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