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POLL: Which Alabama Home Game Do You Want to Attend?

Alabama is rolling out a new and improved Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 2010 football season and were so excited to check it out that we can barely sleep at night (it's either that or the caffeine). There's a heaping helping of great games lined up on the home slate this year just waiting for you and some 101,000 of your best friend to enjoy.

And the post-national championship hysteria should ensure that each and every game should be an event every Crimson Tide fan would want to experience. (That and stopping by Egan's before and after, of course.)

So if you only were able to hit T-town one time this season which game would it be? The first matchup between the Crimson Tide and Penn State in a generation? The 2009 SECCG rematch with Florida? The Iron Bowl? Heck, given the new digs, even San Jose State is looking pretty nice.