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The Jumbo Package: 08-10-10

Tide's Barron poised for big season |

After leading the SEC in INTs last season, it should come as no surprise that Mark Barron has quickly evolved from a lost true freshman in 2008 to one of the top safeties in the league in just one year.  Kirby Smart praised his "business like" approach on fan day, and his knowledge of the defense has made him the undisputed leader of the secondary:

"I feel like I can play any position they put me in right now. I know pretty much all of them," Barron said. "If they felt like they needed to put me in at Money, I can play that, Star, I can play that, safety, left, right, strong or free. I feel like I'm ready for whatever they need me for."

Considering his freshman struggles were largely a part of being give too many roles too quickly, hearing Barron say he is now comfortable with essentially every role he could possibly be asked to play this season is a welcome relief, and given Saban's propensity towards multiple personnel groupings, don't be surprised if he is playing every one of those positions at some point this season.

Tide's Kelly out indefinitely for health reasons |

Put this one in the "not good" category, but Kendall Kelly is apparently off the 105 man roster (walk on DB Hunter Bush, who saw time on A-Day as a kick returner has made a sudden return to the practice field in his place) and likely won't be back for the rest of the fall camp.  Putting aside the obvious "great, now we're really short handed at safety" concerns, for Kelly to be out this long after getting dizzy last Thursday (night, no less) there has to be something more than simply getting overheated at play.  Whatever it is, best wishes to Kelly while all this gets sorted out and fingers crossed it doesn't end his football career.

Catching up with Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram |

After missing the weekend's practices while attending the funeral of his grandfather, Mark Ingram was back at practice yesterday.  Though the rest of the team was in full pads, Ingram remained in shorts due to the absence, though he still participated in all the drills with the team.  During the post practice interviews, the subject of Trent Richardson naturally came up:

Last month, both Ingram and sophomore teammate Trent Richardson were first-team preseason All-Southeastern Conference running backs picked by the news media.

Ingram, the first Heisman winner in school history, endorsed the selection of Richardson.

"I think he should be preseason All-SEC, All-American, All-Everything on every award, because he's a great player," said Ingram, who missed two practices over the weekend while attending his grandfather's funeral in Michigan.

"He's explosive. He's dynamic. He's getting smarter as a student of the game every day. I'm trying to teach him some of the things I know. He's getting better, and he's improving every single day. It'll be scary to see when he reaches his full potential what he'll be capable of doing."

Of course it couldn't end there, right?  With all the talk over the offseason about Richardson possibly being an even better back than Ingram, Kausler thought he might get a good quote straight from the horse's mouth:

"That's for everybody else to judge," Ingram said. "We just go out there and compete. We just make each other better. ... Everybody has their similarities and their differences. Everybody has their advantages and their weaknesses. In the end, we're just trying to be there for each other. We're like a family in the running back room. ... We compete, but there's no selfishness in the group."

It's good to see that the players have really taken to all the training by the media consultants.  For what it's worth, Richardson has already endorsed Ingram.

Maisel's Marvin Austin Quote: A Cautionary Tale |

Yesterday, Ivan Maisel set the internets afire when he said he "expected good news" about UNC's Marvin Austin.  Unfortunately, what Maisel meant to say was "I don't expect good news," and took to the twitter to correct himself.  What does this mean for Marcell Dareus?  Nothing, really, but you have to wonder just how seriously we should take Maisel's assertion that Dareus would only be getting a slap on the wrist now.  I'm still not too terribly worried about it, though.  Dareus has remained with the first group all throughout fall camp and if the compliance staff really felt like he wasn't going to be eligible I highly doubt Saban would have him out there taking snaps that could be going to someone else as we prepare for the season.

and etc.

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