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POLL: Which Alabama Underclassman Is Going to Shine in 2010?

Will Michael Bowman be a household name by this time next year? Photo: <a href="" target="new">Alex Gilbert</a>
Will Michael Bowman be a household name by this time next year? Photo: Alex Gilbert

Last week's poll asked which Crimson Tide player was primed for a break-out performance in 2010. Subsequently we were chided by quite a few of our readers for not including more underclassmen.

There was a bit of logic behind that, actually. The amount of talent Coach Saban has amassed in Tuscaloosa has made days of freshmen starters a thing of the past. And even a sophomore will likely have to be something special to get significant playing time (hello, Trent Richardson).

But that's not to say a freshmen or unheralded sophomore can't make their mark if they work hard and impress the coaching staff. Coach Saban has shown he's more than willing to put a young player in the mix if he thinks they are ready and as we've amassed more depth the coaching staff has shown more willingness to utilize it.

Moreover, areas that have been hit hard with NFL Draft and graduation attrition -- such as the secondary -- makes it almost a certainty some young player is going to get a lot of highlight clips on Saturday night Sportscenter this fall.

So, with that, our question this week is who will it be? What freshman (or sophomore who isn't already a standout) is going to make a name for themselves over the next five months? As usual, if you pick "other" please let us know your suggestion in the comments.