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POLL: Which Aspect of Alabama's Game Worries You the Most?

In case you missed it, our own outsidethesidelines has sounded the alarms for the 2010 campaign this week with a number of posts raising key questions about the prospects of this year's Crimson Tide team. As the team wraps up Fall practice and starts the semester it seems there are suddenly questions everywhere instead of the tightly focused and intense squad methodologically working to prepare for another National Championship run we expected.

OTS points to the godawful performance by the defense in the first scrimmage of the fall, the lack of evidence of a vertical threat in the offense and the reports of a team meeting to address the mental maturity of the squad. And this is on top of other questions we've had about the team over the off season. Add a couple parts pre-season anticipation and it's not a pleasant final stretch to Sept. 4.

So, dear reader, the question for you today is what is the most pressing concern for the 2010 Crimson Tide over the next two-and-a-half weeks of practice? What aspect of their game has to be addressed to keep the team ready to perform at the level expected of a pre-season No. 1 squad?