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The Jumbo Package: 08-19-10

Learning playbook isn't easy | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

"We have to challenge them mentally and let them understand it and teach them, and that is always the approach we have taken," Smart said. "I’ve been with Coach (Saban) now going on six years and we always take the approach of throw it up there and see what sticks and if they don’t get it, we’re going to throw it up there again and see what sticks."

With all the ESPN All-Access video of practice floating around, there's been a lot of people wondering just what Nick Saban is talking about when he's screaming "base strong, three auto" (Brophy can help, if you really want to know), but, at least according to Saban himself, that's all "basic stuff."  Basic to him, maybe, but to young players and even some high school coaches who attended a recent coaching clinic, it can all be a little baffling:

Redshirt freshman cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick can sympathize with the baffled coaches.

"(Saban) is throwing so much at you and he’s going so fast," Kirkpatrick said. "He wants you to know it."

I'm not even going to pretend to know I picked up even any of what Saban was talking about in a lot of those clips beyond just the basic techniques (get inside him!), but whoever is supposed to squeeze the yogi route, I sure hope he's figured it out..

Tide may platoon kickers |

I speculated on this a few days ago, and it's looking more and more like we are going to be using both Cade Foster and Jeremy Shelley depending on the situation.  So far Foster is the big leg guy that will likely handle kick offs and long range FGs, but Shelley is more consistent at shorter range and will likely come onto the field n the red zone and for extra points.  According to Saban, neither lacks ability, but until they can show their consistency in all aspects of the kicking game neither one is ahead:

"Sometimes a guy’s best is better than anybody else’s, but his ability to be consistent at this stage of his development is not what it needs to be. You want to keep developing those kind of guys because their upside is really pretty good," Saban said.

"I think all the young guys that we have right now are probably in that boat. Their best is better than maybe most people, but their ability, confidence, belief in themselves, ability to do it in critical situations, focus, whatever it is, experience, they may not be able to do that on a consistent basis yet. So we’re encouraged by their ability, but we’ve got to keep working through trying to get them to be more consistent."

Quickly: Who Is That Tide Mystery Starter?

Kirk McNair profiles senior TE/H-Back Preston Dial.

Bessemer mayoral candidate says she was duped into fake Saban endorsement |

I guess we have to comment on this no matter how ridiculous, so all I will say is this woman is clearly fit for public office in Jefferson County.

Checking in with Andrew Zow The Daily Sentinel

Ray Perkins: Once a coach, always a coach | The Clarion-Ledger

"If I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be on the golf course or doing something else that didn't amount to anything," Perkins says. "If I can take a couple hours each day and contribute something to these kids' lives, why shouldn't I?"

Bama in the NFL:

Brandon Deaderick may prove plucky 7 -

Our old pal Ian Rapoport has some good news for Brandon Deaderick, who is working towards a spot on the Patriots roster.

Hampered By Injury at Quarterback, Chiefs Add Bill Stull -- NFL FanHouse

Hard luck Brodie Croyle is injured again (the Chiefs have yet to comment on the nature of the injury, but his right arm is in a protective sleeve), prompting the Chiefs to signed an emergency backup.  That kid is snake bit.

Texans rookie CB Jackson being tested by the best | Houston Texans Football | Houston Chronicle

"There's a different intensity level out here," Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush said. "Going against Andre every day in practice is good for him, but coming over here and going against somebody else on their turf is a big-time experience for him.

"He needs this kind of work. It's not too big for him. He's responded the way we want. These practices and Saturday's game will be a big-time test for him."