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The Jumbo Package: 08-20-10

Hola amigos! Todd had to skip town for the day for some kind of pressing social engagement. Whatever, we're running the joint and cranking up the Hüsker Dü just because he completely hates 'em. Up later, an eight-hour Wim Wenders marathon. But, for now, let's get this edition of the Jumbo Package going...

Learning playbook isn't easy | The Times Daily

Watching all the ESPN stuff on Alabama's fall practice has been a treat but it's also a might bit confusing. We are lucky to have our man Brophy to explain a lot of the jargon being spouted by the coaches on the practice field but, it turns out, a lot of the players are just as confused as we are when they first get a taste of it.

(Also, Brophy claims there was a copy of the New York Jets playbook on Coach Saban's desk in one of the shots of Training Days. Can anyone confirm this?)

Countdown to No. 1: Can Alabama handle the expectations? | Atlanta Journal Constitution

Tony Barnhart has faith in the Tide, puts them at number one and points out the two reasons for doing so that should sound familiar to any Alabama fan.

This could be Saban's toughest (position) coaching job yet | The Birmingham News

Kevin Scarbinsky notes something a lot of folks have overlooked about this year's team -- there's been more attrition in the Alabama coaching staff than most people realize. Earlier in the offseason RBR noted that this is going to be a regular issue for us but we really haven't seen how Coach Saban's system is designed to handle these transitions (except for the Major Applewhite situation, obviously).

Texans rookie CB Jackson being tested by the best | Houston Chronicle

Kareem is still turning heads in Houston.

Brandon Deaderick may prove plucky 7 | Boston Herald

Brandon might make the Patriots roster.

Hampered By Injury at Quarterback, Chiefs Add Bill Stull | NFL FanHouse

But things are rough for our boy Brodie.

Ray Perkins: Once a coach, always a coach | The Clarion-Ledger

Ray Perkins is still in the coaching game, donating his time as  a volunteer assistant coach at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesville.

Stallings spreads winning message | Montgomery Advertiser

Coach Stallings has been touring the state talking to students over the past week or so. At a stop Prattville Christian Academy he talked a bit about John Mark noting that the family received more than 1,500 letters following his passing in 2008.

Stolen elephants will return to owners | Tuscaloosa News

Stealing a man's elephant. Now that's low.