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The Jumbo Package: 08-25-10

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Red carpet rolled out for Saban premiere |

First things first, kids, go see it.  Go see it NOW.  And make sure you stay after the credits for a brief glimpse of the good natured and humorous Nick Saban we've all heard existed but never really believed.  Hint: we have this to thank for Saban's interest in sports.

Players continue moving positions | The Crimson White

With only ten days to go until San Jose State, the fall camp experimentation is still going strong.  OTS will be along shortly with a full post about yesterday's work, but in the mean time a few tidbits on the offensive line.  Barrett Jones, who started all 14 last year at RG, was working at RT yesterday, while Alfred McCullough got some work in at LG. Don't start thinking any of this is permanent, though:

"It's just how we do things," Saban said. "We move guys around all the time. By moving guys around, that's how they can play multiple positions. Sometimes it looks a little ugly, but you've kind of got to go through the ugly part to where they have confidence."

Hightower now at ease with his new position |

No matter how quickly you come back from a horrific knee injury, I could imagine working your way back into playing shape and getting back on the field could be a little nerve wracking, so I don't think any of us would blame Dont'a Hightower for wanting to take things a little slow:

"Coming into the spring, I was kind of hoping to still be able to play the weakside linebacker and (Chris) Jordan or Nico (Johnson) would just plug in and play the Mike," Hightower said. "Coach Saban had a different thought, and it’s worked out great. It’s kind of tough duty trying to replace Rolando, because he was such a great player and he knew the defense so perfect. It’s been a tough journey, but I feel so comfortable in it now, I feel like I’ve played Mike since I’ve been here."

Thankfully Hightower has taken to the Mike position:

"Dont’a’s really done well considering the circumstances. He is in a new role as a signal caller. It’s a greater responsibility, a little more responsibility for leadership," Saban said.

For those of you keeping score at home, that means Hightower can now rotate between Mike, Will, and Jack, making him one of those prized "multiple" players that are so important to Nick Saban's defensive schemes. 

More on Alabama's latest commitment: ESPN gets an assist |

Remember that idiot who thought ESPN's All Access was a wasteful distraction? 

"I don't know whose idea it was to let ESPN spend days at Alabama filming two-a-days, but walking through the school here, all the kids are talking about it - and not just the players," said James Hale, the head coach at Arnold High School in Panama City, Fla. "Eddie watched it."

His decision to pick Alabama over Florida State and Florida, and the timing of his announcement, were influenced by the ESPN show, Hale said.

DB Kendall Kelly still not ready to rejoin the Alabama football team |

"He still has some health issues. The medical staff is doing the best they can to try to get him back, but until they clear him, he's not going to be available, and I really don't know when that's going to be."

We've said it over and over again that there must be something fairly serious going on with Kelly to keep him out this long with "heat issues," but at this point, if he can continue his football career, you have to wonder if he'll be eligible for a medical redshirt.  After having missed all of fall camp at a new position, it will take him a significant part of the season just to get back up to speed where he can contribute and even if they do finally clear him he's effectively lost another year due to medical issues.

and etc.

Former UA Coach Gene Stallings' Hall of Fame Salute Scheduled for Oct. 2 |

"Coach Stallings has earned a place on the college football's mountain top," said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell. "Beyond the 1992 national title and conference championships stand the countless young players who benefited from his superior work ethic, becoming leaders it their own right. It will be an enormous honor to travel to Bryant-Denny Stadium and hear the crowds cheer his name in appreciation."

Daniel Lincoln named starting kicker, Chad Cunningham starting punter - Rocky Top Talk

Sounds good to me.

And finally, want an iPad?  Gain weight.