A Word About The Handling of Trolls


Guess what folks? We got 'em. Your favorite Crimson Tide website has experienced a real boom in traffic over the past few months and with that increased popularity comes the undesirable side effects. Trolls have been popping up much more regularly of late and it's not likely to get any better.

In the past, the response of our loyal commenters typically was enough to get these creatures to crawl back beneath the bridge from whence they came. But the increased frequency of their appearance has made this situation a real issue in some of the threads.

So from here on out, we ask that you not offer a responding comment to these individuals but take the proper method of response permitted by the SB Nation interface. What is that, you ask? We are so glad you inquired. To demonstrate, we've invited two gentlemen of the highest caliber, sirrahs Rutherford and Templeton, to show you...


Rutherford: I say, Templeton, this analysis of that fine game of gridiron is top notch. I feel all the better as a scholar and a man of genteel manners for having taken the time to peruse its hearty depths.

Templeton: Right so, Rutherford. But hark! What is this I espy? A contributor espousing dissenting opinion having discovered an errant syllogism in the work? Or perhaps a contentious objection to the axioms upon which the argument has been founded?


Rutherford: I daresay neither, my good Templeton. It's an uncouth rogue debasing himself in a manner evident to one and all. It seems to be that subhuman category of internet denizen who do nothing to contribute to the discussion at hand but merely remuer la merde. I shall forthwith deliver a resounding response that will reveal his knavery and put him in his proper place once and for all!

Templeton: Hold your hand, I say! As honorable and right as your plan seems unto me, Rutherford, it will only play into this foul trap. The fine discourse shall thence be inescapably diverted and this villain's facile design shall be victorious.

Rutherford: But what might I do, Templeton? Such a despicable act of an uncivilized ruffian should not go unnoted ere the possibility it endures unpunished!

Templeton: And it shall not, Rutherford! Let me demonstrate unto you the manner in whence he shall recieve his comeuppance! Do you behold the indicator that decries "actions" beneath his foul utterance?


Rutherford: I daresay I do, Templeton.

Templeton: Click upon it, if you would be so kind.


Rutherford: My word! This is astonishing! I must thank you for revealing this wonderful feature hitherto unknown to myself. Pray tell, what must I do next, good Templeton?

Templeton: If you wish to reward the commenter for their canny wit, incisive comment or merely find pleasure at gazing upon the photograph they have chosen for their avatar you can click "rec" but, obviously, that is not the course of action we wish to pursue here.

Rutherford: Obviously.

Templeton: Thus I implore you to choose the other option, "Flag."


Rutherford: I shall do so, forthwith!


Rutherford: Gadzooks! What witchery is this, my fair Templeton?

Templeton: It is a direct interface by which you may inform the moderators of this fine emporium of sports knowledge and opinion about transgressions to their stated norms of operation.

Rutherford: That's simply astounding! How might I make it work?

Templeton: Easily enough, Rutherford. Doth thou behold that drop down window at the top?


Rutherford: It is plainly there for all to see.

Templeton: Click it if you would, my good man.


Rutherford: Now which of these trifold opportunities to alert the panjandrums therein should I best choose?

Templeton: I shall elucidate the three options we see before us. A spammer is merely the most brazen of merchants, offering their wares much much as a common demi-mondaine upon the avenues of this fair city. This is not what afflicts us this day. A comment that is inappropriate would be such that stoops to leveling a personal affront to another, perhaps to the point of slander. A terrible business indeed but not quite what we must endure on this occasion. Our concern is that involving a troll -- that stripe of unpleasant individual who makes comments merely with the intent to create strife.

Rutherford: I shall choose that option immediately?

Templeton: With all haste! And now I urge you to explain that well deserved action in the space provided.

Rutherford: And I shall comply with your superb suggestion!


Rutherford: There! It is finished.

Templeton: Now upon my word, click yon button marked "submit" and make your learned observation on this trespass known!

Rutherford: I have no more heard you than done so!

Templeton: Jolly good show, Rutherford! Now how handily do you believe our lads will deal with these saurians that hail from the region made famous by that gallant conquistador Ponce de Leon?

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