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The Jumbo Package: 08-26-10

Richardson, Jones likely replacements to return kicks |

I love how Goodbread opens with "For the first time in years, opposing kickoffs and punts won’t be falling into the hands of No. 28" since it really did seem like Javy was returning kicks for the last couple of decades.  Anyway, I think we've all known for some time now that Trent Richardson and Julio Jones have been the main guys being looked at in practice to fill his shoes and the way Saban is talking I don't think anything is going to be changing anytime soon:

"Both of them have the most experience doing it, having both been backups last year. Julio had a couple of opportunities on punt return. I think Trent had a couple on kickoff return," said UA coach Nick Saban.

"They’ve had the most experience. They’ve had reps in practice."

To be honest, I'm giddy at the prospect of Trent Richardson as a kick returner; that kid with the ball in the open field is magic waiting to happen.

And speaking of Richardson, Chris Low thinks he should be among the six SEC players (Mark Ingram, Florida's Jeff Demps, Auburn's Mario Fannin, Arkansas' Dennis Johnson, Kentucky's Derrick Locke and LSU's Richard Murphy) named to the Doak Walker watch list, naming him one of the best three or four RBs in the league despite being a back up.  Hard to argue with that (and if you don't think so, please rewatch the video displayed above).

NFL teams return to practice at Alabama |

Representatives from the Kansas City Chiefs, the New York Giants, and another unnamed team were at practice yesterday, making them the first NFL scouts allowed onto campus since the start of Agentgate.  Saban has stressed that the freeze out wasn't due to the ongoing problem with agents, instead saying he didn't want his players observed while working in "the heat."  Still, whatever the reason, I won't be the least bit surprised if scouts are now finding the previously unfettered access all but gone.

New licensing rules aimed at counterfeiters |

Good news for those of you who like to pick up tickets outside of the stadium, the Tuscaloosa City Council has taken steps to cut down on the number of people getting scammed by counterfeit tickets:

An ordinance passed Tuesday night by the Tuscaloosa City Council now requires people in the business of reselling tickets to buy a license and get a picture identification issued by the city’s revenue department. When they are involved in buying or selling the tickets, they must wear their revenue department ID tag and have their license around their necks.

"We’ll issue an ID tag that’s prepared by the Police Department and a license certificate that they have to wear around their neck so that they can be identified from a distance," said Vince Brown, revenue enforcement manager for Tuscaloosa. "We suggest (buyers) use those people with tags around their necks rather than someone off the street."

Numerical and Alphabetical Rosters |

For those of you who have a hard time remembering who's who on the field, The Drunken Tailgate has a nice little roster pdf you can use on your phone.

and etc.

Tide's Barron now experienced leader on young defense | Montgomery Advertiser

"We're still out there working, just trying to get better every time we go out," Barron said. "We're trying to pick it up. We're trying to move up. We don't want to stay in the same place. So we try and go out and work hard every day."

Tide prepares for season opener |

"I think the focus for this week needs to be on the players taking ownership for what they need to do to make improvements," Saban said. "We as coaches want to help them do that in any way we can, but we’re looking for players to take ownership."

Alfy Hill enrolls at East Carolina |

"He is still going to fight this NCAA thing,’’ Fletcher said. "But the NCAA is not acknowledging us trying to appeal.’’

Ravens Insider: Cody dealing with knee injury, won't need surgery -

Cody is dealing with "a little swelling" in his left knee and has an issue with cartilage on the outside of the knee, according to coach John Harbaugh.