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Rod Woodson to Transfer, and other Tweets of Note

As I'm sure you're all aware Fall Camp started this morning and the Twitter is already blowing up with tidbits.  The juiciest, of course, is the departure of safety Rod WoodsonFrom Estes, Saban said they "mutally agreed it would be better for him to continue his career somewhere else."  That's a blow to an already thin secondary, but the good news concerning Menzie from yesterday is still good as no players were out of practice due to injury.  Other notes:

Dre Kirkpatrick (shoulder) is 100 percent healthy. - ChaseGoodbread

Saban indicates that Brandon Gibson will start fall camp at wide receiver and Kendall Kelly will be back on defense, as he was in spring. - BamaBeat

Alabama signees Wilson love and Ronald Carswell to delay enrollment until January - AndrewJBone

Deion Belue is still waiting on academic qualification ... Saban said there are 104 guaranteed spots on the 105 as of right now - BamaBeat

We'll have more later this evening, but for now at least we can celebrate the return of real honest to goodness football news.