LSU's ship has two men too many, so Elliott Porter walks the plank - Dr. Saturday


I love, love, LOVE the fact that Nick Saban's supposedly unfair recruiting practices were the cause of the sudden concern about oversigning and the potential for unfair dealings it presents, and yet those exact same recruiting practices have produced ZERO unfair dealings and certainly nothing even remotely close to this: "I got called to coach Miles' office. I had no idea it was coming," Porter said of his being asked by LSU to 'grayshirt' this season and re-enroll next year. "He just told me that they didn't have room for me. I moved out of my dorm today and I am now back home trying to figure everything out. It's been a rough 24 hours." Porter has received a release from LSU and is free to go to any school he chooses. In order to be eligible somewhere else, Porter has to win an appeal. "I have to win a waiver, but it shouldn't be a problem," Porter said. "It's unfair how they told me at the last minute." As the good doctor points out, Porter committed in JULY before his senior year and stayed committed despite offers from the likes of FSU and Nebraska, only to be told there wasn't a place for him at LSU at the last possible second. I mean, this kid was already on campus and in a dorm room before they get around to telling him they don't have a scholarship for him. And yet the architect of this outrageously poor form shockingly wasn't the great snake oil salesman Nick Saban, but Les Miles, a Michigan Man. Love it.