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The Jumbo Package: 08-07-10

Offensive Line Coach Joe Pendry sends his minions to do his evil bidding. Photo: <a href="" target="new">Alex Gilbert</a>
Offensive Line Coach Joe Pendry sends his minions to do his evil bidding. Photo: Alex Gilbert

Yesterday saw the Crimson Tide practice as a complete team for the first time as the entire 105-man roster was on hand at the Thomas-Drew Practice facility. Coach Saban had this to say:

"The mental toughness was better today than it was yesterday. We have to continue to improve on that, so we can continue to improve as a team because a player is going to get better, or he is going to get worse - he is not going to stay the same."

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Player Profiles

Quite a few player profiles floating around out there for your perusal. Get clicking and getyoself educated.

Also, Tino Sunseri, the son of Alabama's linebacker coach, Sal Sunseri,  looks to be taking over the QB job at Pitt. The elder Sunseri was an All-American linebacker for the Panthers in the late 70s and early 80s.

Sunseri takes over as Pitt's starting quarterback | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Watching the Opponents

Alabama's opponents are also in fall practices now. A snapshot of the ones we'll face the first month of the season.


The Nick Saban movie is that much closer to hitting the theaters. I don't know about you but I'm completely planning to tailgate for this one.

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House of Pain

You might have seen the online feature ESPN did last week called House of Pain. The idea was to document the 50 most painful losses in college football history. Alabama made five appearances on the list, sometime dealing out the pain, other times on the receiving end.


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