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It's Meltdown Time... Already?

So, in case you missed it, it would seem that there is new hot button topic in Oxford these days. Apparently the NCAA having the audacity to reject the transfer waiver of a guy who was arrested multiple times before being kicked off his old team for lying to the head coach is frowned upon in those parts. It seems that Colonel Reb feels that some criminal ought to be able to transfer to a BCS conference school without having to sit out a year and immediately begin his audition for the 2011 NFL Draft, all the while Houston Nutt should be able to browse the daily police blotter to help compensate for his piss-poor recruiting. The NCAA felt otherwise. I know, I know, sons of bitches, right? Hell, that kid even had a legitimate academic reason for the transfer, too... he picked up his basket weaving degree from Oregon and now he wanted a master's in candle making. Commies. 

Well, anyway, when the news broke, there was an immediate meltdown. It made the Ole Miss faithful explode with rage, and some even felt it was a conspiracy orchestrated by Nick Saban and Alabama. Others apparently just decided to give up on the whole game of football all together. And, of course, there were the usual cameos from black helicopters, the Old Testament, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11 Truthers. Pretty much par for the course in some ways, but highly enjoyable nevertheless.

And, of course, there are F-bombs galore, and everything else foul to boot. If you're opposed to that type of thing, please don't read. Seriously. Don't. I'm not just bored looking to waste time on warnings, you're going to be offended, so just don't do it.

If not, we're roughly 24 hours away from the return of the college football. As such, consider this an appetizer for the football season to come. Enjoy after the jump.


ps – thanks for waiting until THE WEEK BEFORE OUR FIRST FUCKING GAME to let us know about this. ’preciate it

When its related to Ole Miss the NCAA doesn’t even care about the down-trodden athlete stories. They just want to fuck us. Fucking horseshit.

We are Ole Miss therefore we will get fucked over…. Coincidentally the Doyle Jackson incident was on CSS today. Fuck Bama.

When was he convicted of a felony? this is news to me, all i saw was misdemeanor marijuana and second degree theft for a laptop. c’mon who hasn’t smoked a little dope and stole SOMETHING in their life?

After my saints won the Superbowl, i thought this is the year. This is the year Ole Miss makes it to the tournament world series another January bowl game. But alas, I was wrong. We were all wrong. We are Ole Miss. Now excuse me while I let off a little steam. FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK. THIS IS HORSE SHIT! FUCK, its worse. THIS is OUR NEW FUCKING MASCOT’S SHIT. BE THAT A HORSE, A BEAR, OR FUCKING MUPPET! IT IS GLITTERY FOAM COVERED CHILD FRIENDLY SHIT. Go to hell LSU. GO TO HELL NCAA!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Fuck it. The Ole Miss of my youth is dead, as much so as the Hoka, The Gin, Skateland USA and Fourth of Julys at Avent Park. Just be the University of Mississippi Muppets, disband the football team, and get it over with.

Fuck football season and Saturdays in the Grove, I’m watching “Glee,” eating Mugshots burgers and getting too fat for my sundress. And the first State fan who says a GODDAMN WORD to me tomorrow gets a cowbell shoved up their ass sideways.

This has Crazy Old Testament God written all over it.

I almost posted this earlier because I knew of the connection, and as much as I thought of this and would love to lay the decision on Masoli at the feet of Mark Emmert (with the satan/lsux connections) he doesn't officially become NCAA president until November so he should have had no input into this.

Now the acting NCAA president, Jim Isch, was a vice-chancellor at Arkansas before joining the NCAA, so maybe we've got a disgruntled razorback in Indianapolis who found an opportunity to stick it to Nutt.

Alabama is about to cheat like hell if they can...

Dont ever tell me again there is no black helicopters
Just give Bama the NC from now on until Saban leaves and lets have the BCS championship game for 2nd place. What a load of sh!t.

Finally, I'll close with yet another classic rant from our ol' buddy Neal McCready:

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe that only left-wing lunatic nuts believe the U.S. government played any role in the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington. However, I do believe the NCAA plays favorites and I don't believe for one moment that Masoli's appeal would have been denied Tuesday had he spent the past three-plus weeks practicing at Alabama or Florida.
And oh yes, the NCAA really ought to take Marcell Dareus out back and shoot him, but they're going to let him slide because of Nick Saban and Alabama, 'cause, you know, the NCAA absolutely loves them some 'Bama. Ain't no doubtin' that:

In reality, Dareus, Austin and the other players at that party accepted gifts from an agent and should -- if the NCAA rules are to be enforced -- be stripped of their eligibility. That probably won't happen, though. Intent will be parsed, enforcement will be selective and we'll get to listen to Nick Saban and Urban Meyer preach on about predatory agents.

That's the NCAA way. Rules are open to convenient interpretation.

Ah Neal, just remember, Alabama could never expect anything better than Mike Shula, right?