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Alabama's Nike Pro Combat Uniform Unveiling

Behold! The New Alabama Nike Pro Combat uniform!
Behold! The New Alabama Nike Pro Combat uniform!

A little bit later this morning, Nike will roll out the new 2010 Pro Combat uniforms for ten college football teams including the Alabama Crimson Tide.

While it's certainly not the first time Alabama has dabbled with the uniform, anxiety runs high among the Crimson Tide faithful due to what little we've seen about the other 2010 Nike efforts. About the only thing we know thus far that it will incorporate a houndstooth check pattern in some manner. Oh, and former Alabama All-American defensive end Marty Lyons will be making the announcement.

Our own Todd and Nico2.0 are on hand in New York City to cover the event for us. They will be giving updates in the comments as well as on the RBR twitter feed.

You can also check out Nike's website for the uniforms will feature a live feed of the unveiling.

UPDATE: It was announced that Alabama will be wearing the uniforms on Nov. 18 against Mississippi State at BDS.