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Friday Night Hoodoo Thread: Your First Tantalizing Peek

First things first: Sweetheart deployed. (Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>)
First things first: Sweetheart deployed. (Photo via

The Football Gods were good to us in week one, cruising us past San Jose State with little effort and sparing the ankles of both Courtney Upshaw and D.J. Fluker so that they may play again this season.  So dig deep and let fly with your embarrassing admissions, pics/video of you doing awful things to yourself (PG13 of course), or any other good luck rituals you may regularly employ in the service of the Crimson Tide.  As for me, the San Jose State logo has been removed from the compromising photo beneath the layer of opponent insignia, so get an eye full after the jump.

Not a lot revealed, but it makes you wonder, don't it?