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The Jumbo Package: 09-14-10

Bama's young defense still stingy - NCAA -

The Crimson Tide ... has allowed only two field goals in its first two games. Those numbers don't bring a smile to Josh Chapman's face, though.

"Zero's a good number for us,'' the Tide nose guard said. "Three or seven, it's still points on the board against us, and that's something we don't want. We feel that we can go out there and block the field goal the same way we can stop them from getting seven.''

Tide's Ingram will practice today, but his status is 'day-to-day,' Saban says |

Saban is pleased to get both Ingram and Dareus back.

"I think both of those guys have proven around here that they're very capable players," the coach said.

"We can't really anticipate anything. We're hopeful that those guys will be able to contribute in a very positive way and make us better. That's our expectation, and there's no reason for us to think any differently based on their attitude or how they've worked or what they've done to this point to be ready to be able to play."

Notes: Yes, those dropped passes are bothering the Tide's Julio Jones |

"I'm so ready to make a play, but I've just got to tone it down some, catch the ball first and then make a play," he said. "I'm hyped up, amped to go, but you can't do anything without the ball. I've just got to look it in all the way to the tuck."

Lowery relishing the opportunity of playing time |

I was pretty happy for Lowery when he got that pick, but not that happy...

"I think my cousin sent me a text message and told me that she wet herself a little bit after the interception," Lowery said with a laugh. "I'll save her the name, but she knows who she is."

and etc.

UA's Chapman eager to go against old friend |

Helicopter tracks Birmingham men accused of selling phony Alabama-Penn State tickets |

Pennsylvania scribe enjoyed visit, gushes about Southern hospitality |

Visting prospects see Tide tame Lions |