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The Jumbo Package: 09-15-10

If it's Wednesday, that mean's it's time for the RBR Radio Hour(ish)!  Tonight, 8pm CST, TalkShoe.  Be there. On to the links.

Alabama second-teamer Richardson looks first rate - NCAA Football -

"I don't think there is a single guy who can bring him down one-on-one," said offensive guard Barrett Jones, who face lights up when talking about Richardson. "He's a lot of fun to block for because you don't have to blow your guy completely off the ball. All you have to do is hold you guy up and give him a little crease. He's fast enough to get through it and nobody -- nobody -- is going to bring him down with an arm tackle."

Tide Defense Still Needs Work | Dothan Eagle

“As fans, maybe you look at it as, ‘Well, we gained this many yards, we did this well on third down, we didn’t give up that many points and we scored a lot of points,’” Saban said.

“But as a coach, you look at potential areas of exposure based on things not being done correctly. Whether they were taken advantage of or not, really is not what you’re concerned about.”

Tide works to eliminate mental errors | The Crimson White

At practice and in games, Saban demands both mental and physical toughness from this year’s team. He devotes time in each practice to run drills and invoke muscle memory techniques to the successful plays he favors.

“Mondays we’re basically putting in our game plan,” sophomore safety Robert Lester said. “[Saban] wants us to execute and not make mental errors by playing assignment football. If you keep the game plan in mind during practice, you’re less willing to make mistakes during the game.”

No. 1 Alabama sees Duke as 'dangerous' -

Duke's offense, Saban said, is explosive. Blue Devils quarterback Sean Renfree, he said, has been very effective.

Just look at what they did against Wake Forest last week, he said.

"They scored 48 points on a team that has been ranked in the top 20 [defensively] the last five years," he said. "They're a very dangerous team because of their ability to throw the ball and score points."

Players eager for Ingram’s return |

“It doesn’t look like he had any surgery, or that anything happened to him,” Richardson said.

“I’m very excited he’s come back. I (texted) him just last night, and said, ‘Glad to have you back, big bro.’ There’s nothing like having him in the backfield with me.”

Notes: Ingram looks good; he and Richardson 'don't need an offensive line,' Tide's Vlachos says |

"The great thing about having those two guys is, they're kind of the same guy," Vlachos said. "They look similar. They run similar. Mark has a little more experience. Other than that, it's not like we have a thunder-and-lightning 1-2 punch. It's kind of just thunder and thunder.

"They're both strong, power backs. They make great reads and have great strength and have really good speed. That's kind of what our offense is focused on: those guys having success. They probably don't need an offensive line, really. They're that good."



Video: How does Tide's Mark Ingram look? See for yourself |

Ingram, Dareus, Upshaw and Carpenter

and etc.

Alabama shares history with Duke - Duke -

Tide keeps on rolling, with fans in tow -

Grantham fires back at Spurrier - SEC Blog - ESPN

"I kind of took it more as a shot at the NFL," said Grantham, who coached in the league for 11 seasons. "I really wasn't sure if it was because of his lack of success there or what."

LSU's Les Miles sticking with Jordan Jefferson as starting QB - NCAA Football -

Good news everybody!

Trojans mostly indifferent to Reggie Bush's decision - NCAA Football -