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The Jumbo Package: 09-16-10

Notes: And the score is Mark Ingram 1, Dont'a Hightower 0 |

As if were weren't excited enough about Ingram's return, now we have this quote to drool over:

"I only went up against Mark once today," Hightower said after Wednesday's practice. "He had surgery and he came back. You would think he would lose a cut or something like that. He kind of left me hanging. He kind of shook me a little bit and then gassed me for about 20 yards, so I kind of got in trouble.

Massive tackles together frightening sight for foes | Montgomery Advertiser

Tide offense presenting some 'big' time looks | Dothan Eagle

Last night on the Radio Hour(ish), we talked about some of the interesting power formations we've used the past two weeks (Brian Motley and Alfred McCullough rotating in, Fluker moving to LT and Carpenter at TE on that side, etc) and both the Montgomery Advertiser and Dothan Eagle have taken note, too.  One thing we didn't note, and it's certainly something that we should keep an eye on for future trickeration purposes, is this:

In the alignment, either Carpenter or Fluker is actually an eligible receiver.

Did you just start salivating a little bit, too?  I thought so.  Of course, I don't know that we should be overly shocked that we've seen more interesting formations this year.  McElwain was fond of using unbalanced lines in short yardage situations last year, and the team is taking to his innovative approach:

"Coach Mac is very innovative," Dial said. "We don’t ask questions. When he tells people to go here and points in a direction, we just say ‘yes, sir’ and line up."

He's going to be a head coach somewhere soon, but I selfishly hope McElwain sticks around at least a few more years.  Every season he's been here he's impressed me more and more.

Tide prepares for challenges on the road | The Crimson White

The Alabama secondary is not the only part of the Tide’s defense that will have to adjust to Duke’s passing game. Junior linebacker Dont’a Hightower said the game gives him the opportunity to work on different skills.

"I guess with Duke it’s kind of one of the things I’ve been trying to work on in the off-season, which was my coverage skills," Hightower said. "You’re coming up against teams who are going to try to do things that they think that you are not able do. Hopefully that work in the off-season will come out and help me out on Saturday."

Devils stress running -

As an offense, the Devils want to see more rushing plays develop in the same physically dominating fashion that has escaped previous pass-heavy Duke teams.

On Saturday, the Devils host top-ranked Alabama at Wallace Wade Stadium, where the defending national champions present the stiffest defensive challenge since third-year coach David Cutcliffe took over the Duke program.

Blogger roundtable: Penn State game shows Tide has a long way to go |

I post this for two reasons; first, shameless self promotion.  Second, we could do a Meltdown Time post for commenters anytime someone dares hint that any aspect of a Crimson Tide team needs some work.  My favorite so far comes courtesy of Mr. caforbama:

Ahhh Mr. Todd Jones it must be a heavy burden you carry in your know all attitude. The sky is falling the sky is falling Alabama gave up a few pass plays to the 16th ranked team in the Nation. Oh woe is us what is us gonna do when we meet the 15th ranked team. I don't know what team you root for or who your Alma Mata is but you completely trashed the Alabama defensive line, line backer, corner backs and safeties. Feel better now Jonese? I hope I don't have the privilege of reading anymore of your HIT pieces.

Of course,TM4BMA is giving him a run for his money:

man that was the best article I have ever read. NOT!! your a retard jones

Gentlemen, your anonymous internet scorn has cut me to the bone, and I shall henceforth retreat from the internet and cease to bother you with my opinions.  NOT!!

and etc.

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