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Alabama Record Breaking Watch: Week 3

As was mentioned back in July, a few long standing Alabama records have the potential to fall this year, particularly the career rushing yardage and career rushing touchdown records currently held by Shaun Alexander. To briefly recap, Mark Ingram needed 1,180 yards before the season to become the all-time rushing leader and 13 TDs to become the all time rushing TD leader. Operating under the assumption that Alabama would be bowl eligible and therefor play 13 games, Ingram needed 90.7 yards per game and one TD per game to break both records.

You obviously don't need to be reminded that Ingram missed the San Jose State and Penn State games and that missing these games shifted the averages he would need to break the records. Not counting a potential berth into the SEC Championship game, Ingram had 11 games to work with before taking the field in Durham on Saturday. That would mean Ingram needed 107.3 yards per game and 1.2 TDs per game in order to top Alexander.

Needless to say, Ingram's 9 carries for 151 yards and 2 TDs found him thoroughly exceeding the necessary pace. Ingram's performance on Saturday put him at 7th on the all-time rushing list (he was 9th before the game) meaning he passed Sherman Williams and Johnny Davis with his stellar display at Wallace Wade Stadium. Ingram currently sits 109 yards away from cracking the Top 5 of all-time rushers at Alabama.

His career total is now 1,029 yards and 11 TDs away from breaking both records. His new pace for the next 10 games will require 102.9 yards and 1.1 TDs per game. Not impossible for a player of Ingram's stature by any means, but certainly a bit more difficult than the average per game needed before the season. Regarding touchdowns, Ingram now occupies fourth place on the list. His 2 TDs in Durham put him past Tony Nathan who he was tied for fifth with going into last Saturday's game.

We'll present Ingram's progress towards these two milestones every Monday. Enjoy this special player while he's here folks, he's clearly one for the ages.


Place Career Yards Attempts Player Years
1st 3,565 727 Shaun Alexander 1996-99
2nd 3,420 615 Bobby Humphrey 1985-88
3rd 3,324 702 Kenneth Darby 2003-06
4th 2,741 574 Johnny Musso 1969-71
5th 2,645 612 Dennis Riddle 1994-97
6th 2,560 408 Bobby Marlow 1950-52
7th 2,537 423 Mark Ingram 2008-current
8th 2,519 447 Johnny Davis 1974-77
9th 2,486 535 Sherman Williams 1991-94
10th 2,288 410 Shaud Williams 2002-03



Place Career Rush TD Player Years
1st 41 Shaun Alexander 1996-99
2nd 34 Johnny Musso 1969-71
3rd 33 Bobby Humphrey 1985-88
4th 31 Mark Ingram 2008-current
5th 29 Tony Nathan 1975-78
6th 27 Sherman Williams 1991-94
7th 26 Bobby Marlow 1950-52