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The Jumbo Package: 09-21-10

It's hard to get hurt when you never get touched.
It's hard to get hurt when you never get touched.

UA's young defense faces a new challenge in Arkansas' Mallett |

"I think he’s more comfortable in what he’s doing and what he’s expected to do, not that he wasn’t a very good player last year. He certainly was," UA coach Nick Saban said of Mallett. "I think (coach) Bobby (Petrino) does a great job with him in terms of game plan, schemes and getting him in the right things, so this will be a real challenge for this team this year, but also an opportunity for them to learn, grow, develop and try to get better."

Tide's rushing defense isn't measuring up to its capability, Saban says |

Another hit piece on the defense by that idiot Saban.  Who made him judge and jury?

"We have not played the run in my opinion as well as what I think we're capable of, nor as well as we need to," Alabama coach Nick Saban said today. "We haven't played it poorly."

"But the run support hasn't been what it needs to be on the perimeter at times. You've got to become a better tackling team. I think the guys that we have here are very capable of doing what they need to do to play gap football. You've just got to do it the right way."

"One thing I was disappointed in a little bit in the last game was we didn't play the techniques the way we need to play," Saban said. "When you break down fundamentally, that's when you have bigger issues and problems, and that's something we want to work to get corrected this week."

Nate Allen's 'Hawg Calls': Arkansas must establish running game | | The Baxter Bulletin

Other than the second half of their 44-3 rout of lower division Tennessee Tech, the Razorbacks haven't generated much of a running game. They netted just 99 yards rushing on 31 carries against the University of Louisiana at Monroe of the Sun Belt Conference and a pitiful 53 net rushing yards on 23 carries against Georgia.

Notes: 'I feel great,' says Tide's Mark Ingram, who then admits to being 'a little sore' |

Emphasis mine, for the lulz.

"I was a little sore," the junior running back said. "Nothing really. Just from taking a few pass blocks. I didn't even get hit much in my runs thanks to the offensive line. They really did a great job for me blocking."

Saban supports mandating agents cooperate with NCAA |

"I do think it’s a step in the right direction. I think it shows that there is some unified effort with the NCAA, the coaches association, the NFLPA and the NFL to try to create some solutions to something that has become a problem," Saban said. "Any time you have this many good players suspended for two to four or however many games, it’s not good for college football, it’s not good for pro football, it’s not good for the players and it’s not really good for anything.

Go and read the rest of the article and you'll find out that some agents aren't happy about this, which means it is definitely a move in the right direction.

and etc.

Video: Nick Saban, Alabama players on Arkansas game |

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