RBR CLASSIC FANPOST: "I will say this just one more time"

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Ed. Note: This was amazing. I've opened the comments back up on this classic, because, why not. It's the offseason. This thread spawned RBR community memes which are still with us years later. For relatively new readers, give it a spin -- this is our special brand of humor. For old readers, it's not too late to recall some of your best work. Roll Tide. - E

I will say this just one more time

I don't know why people think Ark can play with our big boys ,we have not seen anything what we think they can do when there so menny thing we have not seen out of this team, we will seen a lot more in this game buyt still not all.

Bama will go 14-0 like I said before last year 14-0 and the year before that 12-0 you do the math. I AM NEW TO THIS BOARD but a lot of you know Me already .

Roll Tide

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