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The Jumbo Package: 09-23-10

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Alabama better in the red zone - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN

Good news everybody!

McElroy and Alabama have turned the page on last season's red zone struggles and are much improved so far this season. The Tide have 10 touchdowns in 15 red zone trips in 2010, good for a 66.7 percent TD conversion rate, and tied for 35th in the country. Being alongside the likes of Boise State, Nebraska and Utah is a more expected spot for this talented offense.

Alabama secondary braces for Arkansas' Ryan Mallett |

Emphasis mine, but the kid has a point:

When Julio Jones blows by one of his teammates for a big catch at practice, he immediately goes back and tries to encourage the defensive back with his words.

"I tell him, 'Let's go! You have to stop me on this play or that play,'" Jones said. "We have to compete and try to get better as a unit. If you stop me, you can stop anybody. We try to do that at every position."

Premium on blocking, tackling techniques takes Tide to the top (with video) |

"You can't really be a football team without good fundamentals," junior middle linebacker Dont'a Hightower said. "Pure athleticism can get you beat. There's been times in games where one of the guys will maybe pass rush the wrong way or take the wrong angle or do things they shouldn't do, and it kind of costs us sometimes. Going back, young guys learn from making mistakes like this. Hopefully guys will emphasize more fundamentals than pure athleticism."

After 3-year wait, Gentry is in on the action |

"He's one of the defensive linemen who actually gets the defensive scheme, and what we're trying to do," said Hightower. "Maybe setting the front this way to stop the run — or changing it. There's been times in a game when he's actually helped me call the front. Playing Duke, things happen so fast he's one of the guys that helped me out. He's great with the run. You wouldn't think so because he's not as big as Chapman or Kerry Murphy, but he's excellent on run-stopping."

Tide's new OL starters curious about SEC intensity |

Warmack said he and Fluker were curious and sought out some veterans for answers."They tell us it's faster, so we have to know we have to do even more," Warmack said. "At the same time, you don't want to be too anxious because you want to be calm, but not too calm.

Arkansas, QB Ryan Mallett ready to stand up to Alabama -

Would calling us "the little guy" be considered bulletin board material?

"In all my years of coaching, I probably had 20 devotionals be the story of David and Goliath," Petrino says. "I told our team the other day, 'We're not David anymore.' I'm tired of hearing about the story because basically it tells you you're not as good as these guys, that there's this little guy who threw a rock to beat Goliath. So I told the team, 'Let's be that Goliath and beat the heck out of the little guy.' "

SEC QBs: A cadre of quality signal callers - College football- NBC Sports

Greg McElroy owns a national title at Alabama, Stephen Garcia has South Carolina off to its best start in three years and Ryan Mallett of Arkansas may be the country's best passer.

For a league known for punishing defenses and overpowering ground games, the Southeastern Conference has a group of quarterbacks getting things done through the air.

and etc.

Simpson: Alabama-Arkansas should be a barnburner - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN

Arkansas TE D.J. Williams describes Ryan Mallett's game-winning drive at Georgia -

Saturday, Bobby Humphrey figures, he wins either way |

Offensive line offers balance | The Crimson White

Tide's Hightower: Hogs 'took me out' in '09 |