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The Jumbo Package: 09-29-10

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We took last week off because of real life, but we'll be back tonight with another episode of The Roll Bama Roll Radio Hour(ish) tonight at 8:00pm CST over at TalkShoe.  We'll be talking Arkansas and we'll also have Alligator Army on to chat about Florida, so get some questions/topics in below.  On to the links.

Tide goes back to the basics | The Crimson White

After playing an uncharacteristic game against Arkansas, the Crimson Tide is using this week to correct its mistakes.

"We’re just emphasizing technique and working on the little things," said tight end Preston Dial. "We’re going back to two-a-days to better ourselves in hopes of making us tough to beat."

Wildcat formation effective despite expectation of run |

'They pretty much bring everybody in the box, just crowd the line of scrimmage and put 10 people in the box. They know it's coming and it's pretty much execution,' said Ingram. 'Are we going to block them the right way we know how to? If we do then we're going to have success on the play. If not, they're going to have success on the play. It's pretty much just lining up and playing football.'

What's next for Wildcat? | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

The Tide has yet to throw a pass from the formation, but all three players used as quarterbacks have affirmed their ability to toss one if needed. Mark Ingram was unsuccessful in his one pass attempt at Auburn in 2009, but the emergence of wide receiver Marquis Maze as a Wildcat quarterback might take that burden off the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner.

A quarterback for a time in high school, Maze has taken two Wildcat snaps. He ran for a 7-yard first down against Penn State and handed off to Jones against the Razorbacks.

Tide takes note of Gators' speed |

They pride themselves on speed,' said Dial, the Crimson Tide's starting tight end. '(They're) different from a lot of other people we play in the fact that they play side to side real well. They're speed demons. People talk about how fast Florida is because they are fast. They get to the ball well — that's definitely their strong point.'

Gators' D on mission to stop dynamic duo | Tampa Bay Online

New defensive coordinator Teryl Austin hopes he found the answer in the form of a defense the Gators like to call the "heavy" package. The formation features three tackles on the line and pushes Lemmens to a hybrid end/linebacker position on the strong side.

Senior linebacker Brandon Hicks said he feels as though the package was designed for Alabama.

"Ever since the (SEC title game), I wanted it back so bad," Hicks said. "That game hurt so bad. We felt like we had the team to win, but we didn't execute everything we were supposed to."

The Associated Press: Gators hoping to stem rushing Tide in SEC rematch

"How do you stop a great running back? You load the box, plus-one them and you don't miss a tackle," Meyer said. "Unfortunately, when you do that, you're now leaving your corner on an island with probably the first receiver going to be picked in the NFL draft. That's the issue."

Alabama QB Greg McElroy's (big) time has arrived -

"He doesn't get as much recognition as he should because Alabama has so many great offensive players," Florida quarterback John Brantley said. "He knows how to win, and that's how you judge quarterbacks."

Florida's John Brantley faces his top-ranked test at Alabama -

"I think he has played very well," Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said. "I think he's played better in each game. And I think some of the issues that they had may not have been totally on him. When you play quarterback, as I did in high school, you usually get more of the credit than you deserve and you usually get more of the blame than you deserve. He's a very capable guy. He's got a good arm, and they have made consistent improvement in the passing game."

Anyone else find it amusing that Nick Saban, DB guru, is so quick to remind you that he played quarterback in high school?

Sophomore Lester catching on with interceptions |

"The first one would be due to preparation because they ran that route a couple of times dur­ing practice and I was prepared for them when I saw the forma­tion," Lester said. "I was ready for it and I was able to make that play."The second one, we checked out of a pressure and I was able to make a big play."

I was openly critical of Lester's performance at the start of the season after some whiffed tackles and bad pursuit angles, but this kid is shaping up to be a ball hawk.  If he can get it together against the run we'll have something special on our hands.

and etc.

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