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The Jumbo Package: 09-03-10

Tide's Dareus ruled ineligible for 2 games | The Associated Press

I'm sure you're all up to speed on this after yesterday, but just wanted to throw this quote out there:

"It is important to note that Marcell never intentionally violated any NCAA rules and did not knowingly receive any benefits from an agent," Mike Ward, Alabama's associate athletic director for compliance, said in a statement. "Marcell lived up to the letter and spirit of the NCAA cooperative principle and the NCAA described him as 'one of the most truthful student-athletes we have ever interviewed.'"

The NCAA cited "mitigating circumstances" in reducing the penalty from as many as four games.

UA will appeal, naturally, but at this point (and as OTS already said), this could have been a lot worse, so let's just be happy we'll have his pass rushing back by Arkansas and all get real excited about learning just what Damian Square can do the next couple of weeks.

Mosley likely to have impact for Crimson Tide |

For all the surprise over Chavis Williams taking over at Sam, C.J. Mosley working his way onto the depth chart as a true freshman in a stacked linebacker corps ought to raise a few eyebrows.  The talent and expectations from his recruiting were there (Rivals rated him a four start and the #2 prospect in the state), but I don't think any of us really thought anyone out of the 2010 signing class that was either a) not a DB and b) didn't enroll early was going to get on the field in any meaningful way.  Apparently Mosley has really caught on, though:

"I see more of Rolando (McClain) in him than I see myself. ... He's a lot smarter than what I was when I was a freshman," said Hightower. "Which makes it seem like he has a little bit of Rolando in him. He didn't come in early like a couple of the other freshmen did, but he's progressed a lot faster than a lot of those guys have, even some of the guys who have already been here for a year."

Color me impressed, and if Mosley can come in right away and perform like McClain or Hightower this season he's got a bright future ahead of him.

Tide Hopes to Build Own Legacy in 2010 | The Northport Gazette

Not much more than the usual "last year has nothing to do with this year" quotery, but check this one out:

"Certainly that team had something to do with our current team understanding the formula for success and what it takes in terms of focusing on the process of what it takes to be successful in terms of work ethic and positive energy and attitude, everybody being responsible and accountable for what they need to do to be successful, how important team chemistry is, and confidence, what it takes, self-imposed limitations that sometimes you can shed when you are able to accomplish something even beyond what you thought you might."

That is the most Sabanesque Saban quote yet.  I wonder if he's just doing it to screw with us now...

and etc.

The Meniscal Tear - Conquest Chronicles

I meant to link this the other day when Ingram's injury came out, but traveling etc.  Anyway, head over for a solid read on the type of injury Ingram is facing. (ed. - as kleph pointed out, the type of injury suffered by Ingram has never been confirmed, but this has been cited as the most likely.)

College Football Nation: Questions abound on college gridirons - The Milford Daily News

14 Types of People You Will See at a College Football Tailgate - The Toilet Paper

Dirty words and mildly NSFW pics in this one.  You've been warned.

Comparing 2010 Tennessee to 2007 Alabama - Rocky Top Talk

SEC Best and Worst Case Scenarios - Alligator Army

Two Spartans have local ties |

Download the Alabama-San Jose State Gameday Fact Sheet |