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Notes for Gameday

Considering we have so many new readers, I figure it is probably a good idea to review the gameday routine here at RBR. Just consider this a quick crasher course:

SB Nation provides a specific game thread for each individual Alabama game. That thread will usually post about one hour before kick-off of the Alabama game, and you can comment there accordingly before and during the game. The problem is that, for whatever reason, those threads tend to blow up at around 500 comments... everything lags down, it takes forever to load new comments, etc. As a result of that, last year we had to do multiple game threads, usually with one for the first half and the second half.

With the increase in the readership, however, we're thinking we'll have to go to four game threads this year, roughly one for each quarter, and perhaps one for the postgame in times of unusually high traffic volume. Simply comment in the original game thread, and move on to the subsequent thread when that one starts to blow up. Just do us a favor, if you're starting to experience tech problems when the thread gets very long, just let us know in the comments so we can get a new one up and running.

Now, since as you all know you don't just watch one game on Saturday but you watch about 20 in one massive 14-hour long college football-polooza, we also do open threads for other games throughout the day. For example, tomorrow morning we'll have an open thread for all of the other games that posts at around 10:00 AM, and as a general rule if 'Bama plays at 2:30 on CBS we'll also have a night thread for all of the late night games. Basically if you want to participate in the action, there's a thread for basically every game of the day here on RBR. Just rant and rave accordingly.

As for the language in the game threads, pretty much anything goes. We're not your parents, and we're not trying to protect all of humanity from the moral and cultural horrors of the F-bomb like we're the FCC. When it comes to policing language in the game threads, we "police" it about like the ACLU would. What else can I say? It's football, it's supposed to be intense; if you want reservation then go watch croquet. Besides, no use being a hypocrite here, during 'Bama games I can drop F-bombs like the Enola Gay is flying over Hiroshima all over again, so I'm not criticizing others for what they say.

In a word, just have fun. Rant, rave, celebrate, meltdown, whatever. After the game I usually post a lot of photos in fanshots on the front page, and come Sunday it's all news and commentary on the day before. Come Monday, we start it all again for a new opponent, so just sit back and enjoy the beat down of San Jose State.