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The Jumbo Package: 09-08-10

First and foremost, it is my pleasure to announce THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF THE RBR RADIO HOUR(ISH)!  That's right, folks, the rumbling bass of yours truly and the silky smooth baritone of OTS will back on the TalkShoe tonight at 8pm CST to talk about the win over San Jose State and also look forward to the Penn State game with Black Shoe Diaries.  Drop us some questions in the comments below, and get excited.

You might even want to celebrate with some mochaccinos.

The Associated Press: Ingram still out at Tide's practice

No big surprise here, and if we see Ingram on Saturday it will be because something worse has happened.  Trent Richardson is still holding out hope, though:

"I don't know when he'll be back," Richardson said after a Tuesday practice at which Ingram did not make an appearance during the news media's short period for observation. "Hopefully he'll be back Saturday.  I'm not giving up on that at all."

Bama defense in key matchup with Lions' QB |

Letting true freshman Robert Bolden air it out early and often against Youngstown State was more than likely an attempt to get his feet wet than any fundamental shift away from the run first offensive philosophy Penn State will likely use this season, but his impressive numbers are still a concern going against our young secondary.  Still, they weren't bad on Saturday, and Penn State players are taking notice:

SJSU didn't do much to test Alabama's young secondary. Quarterback Jordan La Secla attempted only 14 passes as the Spartans were content to maintain an option rushing attack despite a massive deficit on the scoreboard. SJSU managed just 86 passing yards, and Penn State wide receiver Graham Zug was hard-pressed to recognize any deficiencies in the UA secondary.

"I don't think their inexperience has shown," said Zug. "They're very talented, very athletic, and they're great football players. I don't think they've missed a beat with that."

Penn State defense familiar with challenge of facing Tide attack - Penn State Football | Centre Daily Times

Apparently Penn State has been looking forward to this game all summer long, watching tape "here and there" and getting familiar with our offense.  One thing to note: they noticed our offense isn't just pound pound pound with Ingram and Richardson anymore:


"They run routes that take you out of zones and then put somebody else in that zone," Astorino said. "Their passing game is very intricate."


The other tackler: Barry Krauss' Sugar Bowl stop in Alabama's Goal-Line Stand will live forever, but time has obscured another defender |

Mike Clements' claim to University of Alabama football immortality is half a helmet.

You can see the "43" on his partially obstructed headgear in the Jan. 8, 1979 Sports Illustrated cover photo by Walter Iooss Jr. And you can see it in Daniel Moore's adored 1979 painting, "The Goal Line Stand."

Holy crap, that guy was my 11th grade history teacher and I had no idea he was in on that play.  Coach Clements, if for some insane reason you are reading this, Go Patriots.

Courtney Upshaw Tests his Ankle |

Tide LB Courtney Upshaw tests his sprained ankle

and etc.

Blogger roundtable: Hard to learn from Tide's lopsided win |

A little tooting of my own horn...

HomeTeam | Ely not practicing for now

Tide QB commit Phillip Ely is battling a muscle strain that could be of the dreaded "high ankle" variety.

Bolden's uncle is former UA star |

Robert Bolden's uncle might not be rooting for him this week.