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Auburn v. Mississippi State Open Thread


Welcome to the 84th annual Georgia / Mississippi Ag Fair, proudly brought to you by the Oktibbeha County chapter of the 4-H Club. Tractor parking in the rear; shirts and shoes not required or encouraged. Please excuse our progress as we attempt to comply with all applicable federal and state public health and safety regulations, but by all means enjoy our big ass community television set here at the trailer park lovely Davis-Wade Stadium.

In all seriousness, though, to the best of my knowledge Cam Newton hasn't been arrested for stealing anything this week, so I guess he will lead Auburn into Starkvegas tonight to take on Mississippi State. The Barn opened up the year by taking a game from Arkansas State in usual Chizik fashion, while Mississippi State annihilated arguably the worst team in all of Division 1-A college football. Yawn on both ends.

In any event, for both teams this can be considered a must-win game if they want to reach their respective goals -- for Auburn their whole "8 ain't it" horseshit (yeah, really, 4 sounds more like it to me), and for MSU dreams of Shreveport. Adding further fuel to the fire, Newton himself caused a bit of a stir last year by spurning MSU for Auburn late in the recruiting process, ending his decision with a few somewhat derogatory comments made by his scumbag mouthpiece looking to cash in on his son's fame father about the Bullies. The whole thing seemed like a bit of a midget fight over a recruit who was on his way to playing tight end at Florida before deciding to diversify and start a career in electronic acquisitions, so whatever, but anyway that's the back-story.

Regardless, chime in here with all of thoughts, comments, and general Auburn hatred. With any luck, the cowbells will be ringing after all.