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Sal Sunseri to the Denver Broncos?

Earlier today the Denver Broncos announced John Fox as their new head coach, and it didn't take long for the Sal Sunseri rumors to get started in relation to that hire. Per the Tuscaloosa News:

University of Alabama assistant head coach Sal Sunseri has been in contact with newly-hired Denver Broncos coach John Fox about joining the staff of the National Football League team, the Tuscaloosa News has learned.

Fox, who was announced as new head coach of the Broncos today, was Sunseri's boss at the Carolina Panthers. Fox was head coach at Carolina from 2002-2010, and Sunseri was on his staff there from 2002 through the 2008 season before coming to Alabama. A source familiar with the situation said the two have been in contact about Sunseri taking a position on the defensive coaching staff.

I was thinking this one may come to pass when it became apparent that John Fox was going to get another head coaching job next season in the NFL after his contract expired with the Carolina Panthers. Given all of the years that Sunseri spent with Fox, it was probably only natural that his name was going to be mentioned at some point.

Whether or not Sunseri makes the jump is another story. His son, Vinnie Sunseri, has already enrolled at 'Bama, and I imagine Sal won't leave Tuscaloosa without a very serious consideration of the move. Denver needs a complete defensive rebuild, and if Sunseri is only being offered the same coaching job he had in Carolina -- defensive line coach -- he may choose to remain at the college level. It's hard to say anything definitive right now, but with National Signing Day less than three weeks away, I imagine we'll hear something official on this move in the near future.