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Mark Barron Expected to Return to Alabama

Good news coming out regarding Mark Barron's announcement tomorrow, per the Tuscaloosa News:

University of Alabama defensive back Mark Barron is expected to remain in school for his senior season rather than entering the NFL Draft, a source close to Barron told The Tuscaloosa News.

A news conference including Barron and UA coach Nick Saban has been scheduled for Saturday morning so Barron can announce the decision. The deadline for all college underclassmen to declare early eligibility for the draft is midnight Saturday.

As we've mentioned here several times since the Iron Bowl, it never really made a whole lot of sense for Barron to leave due to his injury, and I've personally felt pretty confident that he would return ever since he didn't appear at the press conference with Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, and Marcell Dareus.

Anything could happen, I suppose, but I wouldn't worry much about the press conference tomorrow. I don't know of anyone who has come out and said they legitimately believed Barron was going, and frankly the whole thing seems more like a publicity ploy on the part of Saban than anything else. I imagine we'll get good news tomorrow morning.